London’s Best Coffee Cocktails

Get your coffee fix with a cheeky boozy kick this UK Coffee Week! Here’s some of our favourite London coffee cocktails….

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 15.27.34

Grind – Classic Espresso Martini

The ultimate has to be the Grind’s famous espresso martini, it’s pretty classic, just done really well with a delicious foamy top and made with espresso made from their own coffee blend. It’s also a very reasonable £8.50.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 15.05.47


A delicious after dinner coffee hit at Mr Lyan’s new restaurant-bar Cub in Hoxton. With Square Mile Coffee, Cognac, H.M.S

nitro martini super lyan


Pic credit @ivetasted

Super Lyan – Nitro Martini

After dinner at Cub, head downstairs for a famous Lyan Nitro Martini. Jack Daniel’s and homemade Lyan cola-style syrup mixed with East-London made Sandows cold-brew coffee. Served through a nitrogen keg for a super silky texture.

irish coffee the sun tavern london.png

Sun Tavern – Irish Coffee

This Bethnal Green bar-meets-tavern specialises in Irish spirits, so it’s naturally the place to head for a trusty Irish Coffee.


Three Sheets – Scottish Coffee

Indulge in Three Sheet’s rich Scottish Coffee, masquerading as a Guinness, with smooth hot coffee, salted coffee liqueur wand whisky washed in salty butter. Topped with shortbread infused cream.




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