London’s Best Whiskey Cocktails

In celebration of Burn’s Night, let’s get stuck into London’s best whiskey cocktails… 

koji harshake at dandelyan.jpg

1. Koji hardshake Dandelyan 

Mr Lyan scotch and Dewar’s 12 scotch, lemon juice, koji and cream sugar, liquorice bitter

bloody scotsman mac and wild whiskey cocktails

2. Bloody Scotsman at Mac & Wild

You can choose from three different bases (gin, whiskey or traditional vodka) for your Bloody Mary at Mac & Wild – but if you like it smokey, opt for the  Copperdog, mixed with Tomato juice and a secret spice blend .

lyan cub goldrush sour whiskey cocktail

3. Goldrush Sour at Cub

Using a scotch by Bruichladdich that represents the terrior of 2010’s Islay Barley harvest, grains from Kanpail’s ‘s fermentation process and Goldrush apples that tackle wastage in the supply chain.

super lyan whiskey cocktails.jpg

4. Smoke + Rust at Super Lyan

A riff on the old school Rusty Nail, with Dewars & Vida Mezcal, sweetened with a spiced molé liqueur, which combines traditional ingredients with the more exotic flare of Mexican spices (mulato chile, heather, epazote) to mirror the underlying herbal notes of old Señor Nail. One big ❌ of spiced cherry paint marks the spot representing all the rusted treasure buried the world over, pieces of history below our feet!

handy dandy original sin whiskey cocktails.jpg

5. Handy Dandy Original Sin Bar 
Twist on a Jack Rose cocktail, with bourbon, Calvados and pomegranate
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