London’s best gin cocktails

Why go dry when you’ve got gin? Here are 8 London gin cocktails every gin lover needs to try.

gin lane at the coral room gin cocktails.jpg

1. The Gin Lane at The Coral Room

With Hendrick’s gin, voignier white wine, St Germain Drinks elderflower and agave.

the rake at zetter townhouse.jpg

2. The Rake Zetter Town House 

With Beefeater gin, Powdered notes, Juniper oil.

mmm hop dandelyan gin cocktails.jpg

3. Mmm Hop at Dandelyan

With Fords Gin, tree sap cordial, bitter hibiscus and fizz

gin martini three sheets.jpg

4. Foraged Gin Martini at Three Sheets

With Beefeater gin, leaf cordial, dry vermouth

gin bloody mary the distillery London

5. Gin Bloody Mary at The Distillery London

purl london citrus myrtufolia

6. Citrus Myrtifolia at Purl London

Gin infused with grapefruit – Plymouth Navy gin infused with grapefruit, Red Vermouth, Chionotto, Wild Strawberry Bitter

Black Forest Gateau Holborn Dining Room.jpg

7. Black Forest Gateau Holborn Dining Room

Served hot, with Monkey47_dry_gin, Cherry Heering, Fine Ruby Port & fresh lemon juice, topped with cream made with red currant syrup, Briottet crème de cocao Blanc and Mozart white chocolate liqueur . Pic credit @addiechinn

sweet potato sour boa london.jpg

8. Sweet potato sour Bao_London

With Gin. Sweet potato. Lime juice. Egg white and chestnut liquor


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