Make bubbling cocktails in London’s famous ‘Breaking Bad’ van on epic new cocktail crawl

Basically, your Tinder date sorted

There’s a one-off chance to make bubbling, foaming cocktails in London’s famous ‘Breaking Bad’ van – all part of a brand new Bethnal Green cocktail crawl, launching next Wednesday!

Located in the back of an RV van, this Breaking Bad bar ABQ feels just like you’ve stepped into the cult TV show. Even if you have no idea what the programme is, you’ll have a guaranteed lol, dressed in a yellow jump suit, making your own ‘science experiment’ cocktails (think dry ice and bubbling foam yo).


You can visit this crazy bar as part of a pit stop on a new cocktail crawl Bar Bingo, where you visit three very quirky Bethnal Green bars all in one night – just a minute’s walk from each other. The two other bars are The Natural Philosopher – a secret bar hidden inside a Mac repair shop. Inside there’s a truly unique sunken bar where you holler down your drink request to the bartender below.

Natural Philosopher pour 2

You’ll also spend an hour in Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities – which is like a cocktail bar meets crazy museum. Downstairs is an eccentric exhibition, from bird skeletons to raunchy literature, to… Russell Brand’s pubes and other interesting, weird objects.


How it works: You receive a ‘bingo card’ with the names of three bars featured inside three boxes. You need to visit the three bars in the order presented to you on the card, ticking them off as you go.

The first cocktail crawl is in Bethnal Green on 24th January

6.30pm, 7.30pm or 8.30pm.

£25 ticket price includes one special off-menu cocktail in each of the three bars.

Guaranteed date-night success with this one.

Buy your Bar Bingo cocktail crawl tickets here

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