8 Must-Try London Summer Cocktails

The British climate might not be too tropical right now, but these 8 great summer serves sure are

1. Best Beloved – Reverend JW Simpson

Everything about this says summer! With Barsol pisco, shaken with Aperol, fresh lime, orange and passion fruit and vanilla syrup

2. Summer Negroni Maze Restaurant

Mixologist Giorgio Tosato has given this classic serve gets a tropical makeover. With coconut-infused Ophir Gin, coffee bean infused Cocchi Americano, Amaro, Montenegro, Campari and Tonka bitter.

summer negroni maze by gordon ramsay

3. Oddlytini – Worship Street Whistling Shop

There’s a great little pop up garden at basement gin palace Worship Street. There you’ll find some real wacky gin cocktails served in birdcages and wheelbarrows. We’re loving the Oddlytini, with Hendrick’s gin, a buzz button (get ready for an electric shock in your mouth) and Italicus. It’s a drink you sure won’t forget in a while…

oddlytini worship street whistling shop

4. Champagne Pina Colada – Coupette 

THE drink everyone is talking about this summer – this retro drink gets classy twist at new French style bar Coupette, which has a very Champagne heavy cocktail list. J’adore.

pina colada coupette

5. Jungle Boogie – Walrus Room

Loving that crazy Rambutan cup garnish, which is filled with Amaro di Angostura. in the glass is Blackwell rum, pineapple juice, lime juice.

jungle boogie1

6. Pining For You Dirty Bones

Just can’t get enough pineapple? It’s all about Pining For You, with Bulleit bourbon, housemate pineapple shrub, cinnamon and vanilla maple syrup, soda and Angostura bitters.

Pining For You 2

7. Red Pepper – Duck & Waffle

A pepped-up summer spritz – with blanched red pepper skin, Russian Standard Platinum vodka, Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth, leftover red pepper stalk and seed cordial, red pepper vinegar and Prosecco. Red Pepper duck and waffle

8. Pineapple Express – High Water London

We’re all over this. There’s a dab of truffle oil on the leaf so you experience the rich smell, but without the intense truffle-y taste. With Pisco salter pineapple sherbet, yellow Chartreuse liqueur, lemon juice.

high water pineapple express


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