New London Bar Dickie’s Has Menu Designed By The World’s Best Bar, Dead Rabbit

With beautiful cocktails designed by the world’s best bar, Dead Rabbit NYC, is why Dickie’s Bar is such hot stuff. Plus! They’ve got sexy sofas, house made sodas and special Dickie’s branded bar snacks.

You’ll find Dickie’s Bar tucked inside Corrigan’s Mayfair (posh West London restaurant owned by celeb Irish chef Richard Corrigan). There was a bar there before, but it was nothing to rave about. But now it’s had a killer makeover, complete with sexy stripy sofas, a new name and a knock-out menu designed by the best bar in the world, Dead Rabbit in New York (officially the World’s Best Bar).

Dead Rabbit’s head Bartender Greg Buda has flown over especially to create the new menu, which, as expected, is stylish, fresh and edgy. It’s definitely not the type of serves you’d usually find in this very traditional part of town. But the cocktails still maintain a very classic look, in keeping with the smart surroundings. In true Dead Rabbit style, the menu is presented like a storybook, with a fairy-tale like name and beautiful illustrations to boot.

What to go for? If you like the savoury style of a Bloody Mary, try the Champion Of The Fairy Ring, a refreshing tequila and rum cocktail with a yellow bell pepper, Aperol and a real spicy kick with a Bird’s Eye chilli. If you like it bright fresh and zesty, go for the Covent School Chorus Girl, with vodka, vermouth, lemon balm, celery, apple, lemon and verjus.


The bar also does a range of homemade flavoured sodas, with a special soda cocktail list – for those that like it long. And then there’s the homemade bar snacks, from popcorn to ‘crispy skins’ – think Chinese prawn cracker meets pork scratchings. They all come in special ‘Dickie’s’ packaging. Nice touch.

Sadly Greg can’t stick around for long as he has to get back to heading up the best bar on the planet in New York, but the bar team at Dickie’s are super talented and friendly – they’ll really make you feel at home. So don’t be put off by the Mayfair postcode – this is a bar for everyone (everyone who can handle the price tag anyway…)


See below for more cocktail news!







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