10 New Cocktail Menus You Need To Try

From chocolate washed Bourbon, to cocktail filled apples and recycled ingredients – don’t miss out on these 10 hot new London cocktail menus.

Her Majesty quaglinos)

1. Serves based on crazy events at Quaglinos

What are we drinking? Really creative cocktails with an educational back story

Quaglinos has just launched a new menu, based on its legacy since 1929, and they’ve really gone to town on every single serve  – from a sweet meringue garnish, to a cocktail brimming over with ‘smokey forest’ fog. One of the epic new drinks on this new menu include Her Majesty (1956), inspired by the first recorded time in history when a reigning monarch was seen in public – and this just happened to be in Quaglinos, when The Queen, The Queen Mother and The Duke of Edinburgh feasted to celebrate the success of the Stockholm Olympics. The cocktail is made a huge floral garnish, and made with Don Julio infused Q selection of herbs, yuzu and bergamot juice, Italicus. But that’s just one of the serves – they’re all looking hot stuff!

Coquetier cocktail trading company

2. Edible clouds and eggs filled with cocktails – Cocktail Trading Company

What are we drinking? Clever, yet theatrical cocktails with all the bells & whistles 

The ever-creative cocktail bar’s new menu is just as crazy as ever. This time you can drink a cocktail from a mini air balloon (that’ll be Blue Moon) and sup boozy stuff from a cocktail-filled apple (ask for Jack Rose). We think our favourite of all has to be Coquette, a very bright green drink served in a golden egg, which you need to crack in order to release the drink into the glass. It’s made with monkey nut shell Manhattan and buttered Hennessy Fine.

Read more about the new Cocktail Trading Company cocktail menu

the american bar savoy

 3.  The Royal Menu – American Bar at The Savoy

What are we drinking? Old school recipes brought back to life

The city’s oldest cocktail bar has launched a brand new menu featuring some old classics that were created back in the bar itself,  years ago to mark some momentous royal occasions – like the Windsor Of Romance, created for the marriage of Charles & Diana (with Bombay Sapphire Gin, almond syrup, fresh lemon juice, Champagne). There’s also a new cocktail on there, Coast To Coast, which is created by the bar’s Head Bartender, Erik Lorenz to celebrate The Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee. It’s a real boozy blend of Star of Bombay gin, Oleo Saccharum, Violet Liqueur, Pineau de Charentes and Champagne.

The Savoy Hotel, 100 Strand, London WC2R 0EZ, UK

high water green pea'ce

4. Game changing summer cocktails – High Water

What are we drinking? What the bartenders drink

Known as one of the key London bartender  hangout, this place has epic cocktail game. The flavours and blends here are thoroughly laboured over, and you can see the results in the new menu. These fresh and summery serveslook simplistic, yet eye catching at the same time. And the flavours are insane. We love Green Pea’ce – seriously fresh and umami, with gin, Absenteroux, sugar snap peas, lemon and egg white. Also try OFTD (a.k.a Oh F*Ck That’s Delicious). Served in a charcoal coloured pot it doesn’t scream ‘summer tipple’ to look at, but the taste is very much a sunny day drink – all light and fruity, despite its whisky base. See the bourbon is washed with white chocolate (which is TOO delicious, make sure you try some of this on it’s own), along with passion fruit syrup and peach bitters. Winner.

23 Stoke Newington Rd, Stoke Newington, London N16 8BJ

Nine LIves Serves-7

5. ‘Loop cocktails’ – Nine Lives

What are we drinking? Ethical cocktails

This new Bermondsey bar is jumping on the recycled cocktail bandwagon with a range of ‘loop’ cocktails – reusing key ingredients to give them a new lease of life. For example with lemons – the bar uses the skin, oils & juice in the cocktails but it doesn’t stop there. They also redistill the lemon pith to make essential oils which they put in their liqueurs and hand soaps, whatever’s left is used as compost to fertilise the bar’s backyard herb garden. The herbs here are then used in the drinks – hence ‘loop’. The bar has a general no waste ethos, with no disposables along with the careful use of ingredients. As well as the Loops, there’ll be Shorts, Talls, Tarts and Low riders on the menu. Two of the luscious Loopy cocktails on the new menu include:

Moby Dick – Coconut oil-washed grain whisky, with a salted caramel syrup

Emu Kooler – Campari with a watermelon & cucumber home’ade

8 Holyrood Street, London, SE1 2EL

Dickie's Bar cocktails london

6. Home-infused ingredients – Dickie’s Bar

What are we drinking? Seriously world class drinks

The much anticipated Dickie’’s Bar opens soon, nestled within Corrigan’s Mayfair. The bar is a big deal because it’s got two huge cocktail heads behind it – Gregory Buda from The Dead Rabbit, New York, (the official World’s Best Bar, from World’s 50 Best, 2016) and Richard Ryan, founder of Belfast design company Drinksology. This late night bar will serve up cocktails made from ingredients and home-infused sodas and tinctures all sourced from Richard Corrigan’’s (the dude behind Corrigan’s) very own garden and farm, Virginia Park Lodge in Ireland. Irish whiskies will also have a big part to play, and will feature in many of the serves on the list.

New cocktails on the menu include:

Irish Whisky & Strawberry – with Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey, House Strawberry Soda, Ramazzoti Amaro and Clove

Stage Door Johnny – with Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey, Peach, Bergamot, Vanilla and Lemon

28 Upper Grosvenor Street, London, W1K 7EH


reverend jw simpson

7. Literary-inspired cocktails – Reverend JW Simpson

What are we drinking? Very photogenic serves 

We love atmospheric element of this bar, which used to be an old reverend’s house –  you can still see the grubby tiles in the part that used to be the kitchen. The bar’s new menu is just as theatrical, based on literary icons. Each cocktail is playful, in a grown up way. Here are two of them:

Tallow Candle, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen – with Black Cow Cheese-washed Black Cow Vodka, with 30 & 40 Normandy aperitif. It’s served alongside a bite of cheese, walnuts and apple.

The Alabama Colada, a homage to Harper Lee – with Four Roses Bourbon, shaken with Campari, fresh lime, pineapple and coconut cream served over cracked ice.

32 Goodge Street, W1T 2QJ

nightjar new cocktial menu

8. Tribal Cocktails – NightJar

What are we drinking? Crazy flavours out of crazy vessels

It’s not a complete menu revamp, but with a few beautiful additions – new serves that are focussed on herbalism and ancient tribal ingredients with wellbeing properties, but with a clever modern twist.

A firm favourite is African Cocktail – a gin cocktail, with Caperatif Clos Marton Vsop Armagnac, Buch Magnesium been cordial and fresh lime. Served in a wooden bowl and garnished with edible flowers and berries – drink it straight out of the bowl, of course.

In true NightJar style, every single drink that comes out is a show like this – from leaping flames, to a Negroni served with a waffle. Whatever you order, it will be insane.

129 City Road, London EC1V 1JB

Coffee colada

9. Single Origin Drinks – Duck & Waffle

What are we drinking? Creative twists on a classic using one single ingredient for flavour

Richard Woods, (the guy behind Duck & Waffle cocktail menus) has done it again with a truly creative drinks’ list, where you’ll see lots of fresh new takes on a classic. The idea of the new ‘Origins’ menu, which aims to showcase the variety of flavours that just one ingredient can do. An example on the menu is the Tomato Gimlet, with Fords gin, green tomato distillate, blanched tomato skin and cordial. There’s also a  caffeinated take on the old school  piña colada – with roasted coffee bean Jack Daniels, spent coffee grinds & toasted coconut shell liqueur, coffee and tropical fruit skin fermented concentrate.

110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

pining for you dirty bones

10. New Summer Menu – Dirty Bones

What are we drinking? Fun summer serves

The burger and cocktail crew have a new summer menu, with some fresh looking serves with some cheeky name- like Pining for You with Bulleit bourbon, housemade pineapple shrub, cinnamon & vanilla maple syrup, soda and Angostura bitters. And Bow Down Peaches, Ketel One vodka, Martini Rosso, fresh muddled peach, coconut water, vanilla, lemon juice and peach bitters – garnished with a peachy jelly sweetie.

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