London’s Best Piña Coladas

The ultimate retro beach drink has been given a sexy revamp in many London bars this summer..

1. Almond Butter Colada – Burlock

The bar makes its own coconut rum, using eight-year-old Bacardi, with Smith & Cross Jamaican rum, almond butter, pineapple, coconut water and sea salt – for a more adult twist on a playful classic.


baha colada super lyan

2. Baha ColadaSuper Lyan

The tiki-as-sh*t one

These guys have done their Colada using the totally tropical cachacayaguara – along with their own home made coconut syrup, Fauxco Lopez, using leftover ricotta whey! Garnished with banana-coconut on top.

pina colada coupette

3. Champagne Piña Colada – Coupette

The posh one

From brand new Bethnal Green bar Coupette, they’re doing a fancy French take on this tropical classic.

Read more about Coupette here

4. Tropical Thunder – Ray’s Bar

The really clever one

A clarified milk punch Piña Colada – the milk is drained away to leave you with that creamy milky taste we all love, but without the bulky milk that comes with it. It’s a short drink, served in a cute little glass, garnished with a hunk of Pineapple – we could easily drink a fair few of these, unlike the original drink which you can only ever manage one of.

tropical thunder rays bar

5. Bombay Piña ColadaDishoom

The extra exotic one

For a good while these guys have been knocking out Piñas Bombay style to great acclaim, with a little coriander, chai syrup, lime juice and rum.

6. Coffee Colada Duck & Waffle

The caffeinated one

Duck & Waffle’s Coffee Colada is made with roasted coffee bean Jack Daniels, spent coffee grinds & toasted coconut shell liqueur, coffee and tropical fruit skin fermented concentrate.


Coffee colada

7. Frozen Piña Colada – Aviary

The novelty one

The views take centre stage at this City-based rooftop bar. But they do a pretty good frozen Piña Colada, it’s huge and very refreshing as it’s not too sweet. They’re getting lapped up over the hot summer months. Made with Ciroc coconut vodka, pineapple juice, coconut cream and lime juice.

pina colada barts

8. EscapeBarts

The really Instagrammable one

These guys are so imaginative -of course they had to serve their Piña Colada out of a coconut shell. This beauty is made with plantation pineapple rum, vanilla-infused molasses, lime, fresh cardamom seeds and coconut water.

9. Piña Fumada – Discount Suit Company

The smokey one

This secret Aldgate bar does a smokey take on the tropical cocktail, with Mezcal, velvet Falernum, and pineapple.

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