Edible Clouds & Cocktail-Filled Apples On The Cocktail Trading Company’s New Menu

A hot air balloon with edible clouds – one of the many extravagant garnishes on the new Cocktail Trading Company menu

Cocktail Trading Company are regarded one of the most playful and imaginative cocktail bars in London, with some of their most famous serves including a cocktail served in a Chinese noodle box with chopsticks and a drink from a colourful wellington boot. The bar has just launched a new menu and it’s set to be just as creative as ever…

Bartenders, Andy Mil, Olly Brading and Elliot Ball are the brains behind the booze. Each one of their new cocktails comes with its own story – some are light and whimsical, others dark and mysterious. There’s the Toreader #4 a bright and spicy cocktail  served in a blooming tulip, to  the Jack Rose, made with Jack Daniels and Jagermeister banoffee, served in  a hollow apple on a tree stump.

Blue Moon cocktail trading company

Other new cocktails include:

Coquette, a vibrant green drink served up in a golden egg – made with monkey nut shell Manhattan, buttered Hennessy Fine

Blue Moon, served inside a blue hot air balloon and whimsically topped with an edible cloud – with Shitake Bols Genever, sharp green tea, celery & basil sherbet, violette

Find them at:

The Cocktail Trading Company, Brick Lane, 68 Bethnal Green Road E1 6GQ


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