Levitating Cocktails and Scorpion Garnishes on GONG Bar’s New Film Inspired Menu

Image credit: The Spirits Business

You’ll find levitating cocktails and scorpion garnishes at Gong Bar’s new film inspired menu.

Who said the showstopping cocktail era was over in London? Gong Bar’s new cocktail menu, Director’s Cut, inspired by the world’s greatest film directors is a truly extravagant feat.

There’s 16 cocktails and four cocktails that fit under five themes – Adventure & Fantasy; Romantic & Sci-Fi; Thriller & Drama; Crime & Action and Animation & Superhero.

fear the jungle gong bar

Photo by @erinniimi

Under Adventure & Fantasy there’s Fear The Jungle, inspired by everyone’s favourite 90s director Steven Spielberg. Served up in a highball covered in ivy, it’s made with BarSol Quebranta Pisco, banana, pineapple skin sherbet, lime and chocolate. The garnish – a real scorpion (!)

From the same part of the menu is Feel The Force, inspired by George Lucas (Star Wars)/ You can go for a Dark Side or Light Side vodka cocktail – each has a very distinct flavour. Both served in a levitating cup powered by an electro-magnetic force.

Then there’s Tea With Daisy inspired by Baz Luhrmann, (The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge etc). A light vodka based cocktail with a fruity , bitter finish. With blueberry and jasmine shrub with port, topped up with olive tea soda. Served in a rocks glass with an ice ball inside a lacquered theatre box.

Hypnoid State is a vodka based cocktail and a homage to Stanley Kubrick (A Clockwork Orange and The Shining). Served in a highball glass, it comes with an MP3 player that plays Beethoven’s Ninth symphony. We think you have to return the music player though once you’re down…

Not only are the serves visually stunning, there’s some interesting ingredients in there – pineapple and coriander brewed with cold coffee and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc infused with pine needles and honey.

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