World’s 1st Augmented Reality Cocktail Menu Launches at City Social

London cocktail menus have become as much of a focus as the drinks themselves, with bars launching more and more innovative drinks lists. Now City Social shakes things up with MIRAGE – the world’s first ever augmented reality cocktail menu.

Augmented Reality, say whaa? For the non tech heads out there, is a technology that creates a pretend scene when a phone or tablet is placed over an object in the real world.

Choose one of the 12 new serves at City Social, and be presented with a – seemingly normal – cocktail. But when you point the app in front of the drink, the augmented reality technology kicks in, creating an imaginative faux scene around the cocktail before your eyes.

For example, go for Wheatfields with Fizz (a mix of Ketel One Vodka, elderflower, bee pollen, lager and egg white), wave your app in front of it, and you’ll see the cocktail surrounded by scenes of Van Gogh’s paintings. Or choose Dogstone Brew, a clarified milk punch cocktail which takes inspiration from the Victorian era, blending Hendrick’s Gin, port, bergamot, black tea split milk and orchid root. Look through the app and you’ll see the cocktail accompanied with floating Victoriana-style balloons and Monty Python-esque imagery. mirage augmented reality cocktail menu.jpg

Created by City Social’s Jamie Jones and Tim Lateral, the new cocktail menu takes its inspiration from art through the ages, with each drink inspired by a different artist or era.

You’ll find the drinkable tech menu at City Social – Jason Atherton’s Michelin-starred restaurant and bar, which is based in The City of London.

25 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1HQ

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