Boozy slushies, gin waterfalls and craft beer cocktails – 9 Amazing Serves At Cocktails In The City March 2017

It’s the last day of Cocktails In The City – if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket (it’s sold out), you can look forward to boozy sorbet serves and gushing gin fountains…

For those not in the know, Cocktails In The City is coming to London 30th March-1st April, and here you’ll find a load of top London bars all under one roof, with each bar showing off one special serve that they’ve developed especially for this event. One of the best things? Once you’re in, all cocktails are £7.50 a pop. A very affordable way to taste your way through some of London’s best bars. All the bars have teamed up with their selected spirit brand to create their special CITC cocktail – and they’ve gone all out with the creativity.

Check out these 9 innovative drinks:

1. Slush Fund Bulldog – 100 Hoxton with Bulldog Gin

Lychee and grapefruit Bulldog gin slushy, with a side of Prosecco.

BULLDOG Gin, Lemon Juice, Lavender Syrup, Lychee Liqueur

cocktail slushy 100 hoxton cocktails in the city 2017

2. Bonnie & Clyde – Barts with Maker’s Mark

Inspired by the criminal couple, there’s a cocktail for Bonnie, and one for Mr Clyde.

Clyde: Coffee bean-infused Maker’s Mark, nutmeg and tonic bean syrup, fresh mint, splash of soda, bonnie,

Bonnie: Hibiscus & black pepper-infused Maker’s Mark, white wine reduction and a splash of soda.

barts bonnie and clyde cocktail cocktails in the city 2017

3. Bittersweet Symphony – 214 Bermondsey with their own Bermondsey Tonic Water

A bit like a cocktail version of a lemon meringue..

BTW Tonic Syrup, Jensens London Dry, Hazelnut Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Homemade Lemon Syrup, Orange Liqueur, Egg white

2 1 4 bermondsey cocktails in the city 2017

4. Phonetic Alphabet – Artesian with Glenfiddich

A beautifully simple serve incorporating craft beer from the usually extravagant Artesian. Using Glenfiddich Whisky’s new IPA Single Malt.

Glenfiddich IPA infused with summer savoury, Unicum, Fresh Lemon, Gomme, Brine Solution, Super Malt

artesian glenfiddich cocktail cocktails in the city 2017

5. Like No Other (a.k.a Immersive Gin Forest) – Three Six Six with Brockman’s Gin

Battersea based bar Three Six Six are giving you the chance to serve yourself from a gin waterfall, that you’ll find inside their pop up forest at the event. The waterfall is topped up with a pre-batched cocktail made with: Carrot and cilantro infused Brockmans Gin, blueberry infused white chocolate liquor, mandarin juice, lemon juice, bay leaf & Madagascan vanilla honey. Garnished with a caviar spoon of balsamic vinegar pearls, dried apricot, bay leaf and edible forest.

Read more about the gin waterfall and edible forest here.

cocktails in the city three six six gin forest brockmans gin

6. The Rabbit Hole – The Walrus Room with Bols Geneva

The Lewis Carroll-themed bar naturally went for an Alice In Wonderland inspired tipple.

Carrot infused Bols Genever, purple carrot cordial, red wine vinegar (aids digestion) and garnished with a purple candied carrot.

the walrus room cocktails in the city 2017

7. The King of Ithaca – Trader Vics with Champagne Pommery

Barbados Rum, mango puree, homemade praline and pecan sauce, plus a dash of lime juice, topped with Pommery Champagne & candied pecans.

6 King of Ithaca trader vics cocktails in the city

8. Seeing Stars and Stripes – Cahoots with Jim Beam

A punchy little number from Soho’s 1940’s tube theme bar.

Jim Beam Double Oak, Erba Cedrina, Lemon Juice, Berry Syrup, Soda Water

cahoots cocktails int he city 2017

9. The Highlander – Hush Mayfair – With Nomad Whisky

Hush Mayfair goes for a wintery vibe, with whisky, sherry and a creamy foam top (which looks a bit like a Chinese dumpling in the picture!)

With Nomad Whisky, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Pineapple Juice, Orange and Cinnamon Foam

hush mayfair highlander cocktail cocktails in the city london 2017

Find out more about Cocktails In The City 2017.

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