Three Six Six’s Immersive Gin Forest -Cocktails In The City

COCKTAILS IN THE CITY SPECIAL – Three Six Six & Brockman’s gin are setting up an incredible immersive gin forest at this year’s Cocktails In The City event later this March

Enter the immersive forest and serve yourself from the gushing gin waterfall, then forage for your own garnishes, from balsamic vinegar pearls to dried apricots.

Three Six Six bar are always pushing the boundaries with their inventive cocktails (A cocktail served in a butternut squash), daring themes (like their infamous Fetish & Fantasy cocktail list) and their brave cocktail pairings (a Parmesan & Strawberry tipple that tastes delicious).

So for the bi-annual cocktail event of the year, Cocktails In The City, the barcouldn’t just serve up a cocktail in a fancy glass. Oh no, this had to be BIG.

Thus boozy gin forest was born.

The gin waterfall is topped up with a pre-batched cocktail made with:

Carrot and cilantro infused Brockmans Gin, blueberry infused white chocolate liquor, mandarin juice, lemon juice, bay leaf & Madagascan vanilla honey. Garnished with a caviar spoon of balsamic vinegar pearls, dried apricot, bay leaf and edible forest.

You’ll find the immersive gin forest at The Cocktails In The City event that takes place for three days only – March 30th – April 1st. Here you’ll find some of London’s top cocktail bars, mixing up a special serve, all under one roof. Find out more about the wider event here.


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