Hawksmoor Brings Back Three Martini Lunch

Hawksmoor is bringing back the retro business lunch special – a trio of noontime Martinis


Business dudes clinking glasses over a leisurely Martini-fuelled lunch seemed to be a thing of the past, until now, as renowned steak restaurant Hawksmoor puts the legendary Three Martini Lunch on its menu.

The cocktail special is a collab between Hepple Gin and Valentine Warner, available from all Hawskmoors from 1st March – 30th April. You can grab the lot for a nifty £25 – or £10 a go, if you’re having a light lunch.

Time to meet your new lunch dates:

Walter Riddell

With Hepple Gin, Cocchi Americano, Jurançon & Lavender)

Smoky Valentine

With Hepple Gin, Lapsang Port, Noilly Prat & Rosemary


With Hepple Gin, Antica Formula, Prune & Cacao

Lunch meetings never looked so fun…

Hepple gin is made from a new three-stage method of distilling – the result of four food and drinks experts banging their heads together – chef Valentine Warner, barman Nick Strangely, drinks developer Cairbry Hill and gin loving countryman Walter Riddell.

Wondering if you can handle the Roger Sterling work diet? Esquire puts it to the test

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