‘Coded cocktails’ at new World War II themed pop-up, The Bletchley

Input some info into an old school WWII machine and it will create a bespoke cocktail recipe –  But you’ve got to crack the code to even book in… 

the bletchley bar london

The team behind the legendary ABQ (Breaking Bad themed bar) and naked restaurant The Bunyadi have a new inventive cocktail bar venture, The Bletchley. Each guest is invited to sit in the war room, put on their uniform, crack some codes and then input basic data (like odour and colour preferences) into a cipher machine that decodes their “personality” into a small menu of ingredients, transmitted via radio-style telephones to some backroom mixologists that turn the code into unique cocktail recipes.

At the end of their drinking slot, guests get an envelope with their tailor-made recipes to take home, never to be used again at The Bletchley.

the bletchly bar cocktails

The verdict: London’s Cocktails went along and it truly is an incredible, immersive experience, that lives up to the epicness of ABQ – these guys have gone all out, the place is completely transformed into a darkly lit room, with code scribbled on the walls – and they’ve even managed to get hold of genuine World War II Enigma machines. We’ll admit, the cocktails are hit-and-miss. Some are smooth and delicious, others don’t quite work – but this is to be expected when the bar team are apparently bashing out a new cocktail each time! (Plus it was launch night, to be fair). But if you’re just as much about the whole experience as the cocktail, we say, you’re going to love this place.

The bar is based on the secret Bletchley Park – a covert government-run World War II operation that aimed to build a machine to unlock the Nazis’ undecipherable battle codes. If you’ve seen The Imitation Game, you’ll know how this ends… Turing and his team, shortened World War II by two to four years by cracking the code with the invention of the computer.

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