Edible Glass Shards – Artesian Bar’s New Perception Cocktail Menu

Glow-in-the-dark drinks, cocktails that look like plants and edible glass shards – it’s all part of the new menu from Artesian Bar.

Headed up by Dino Koletsas & Gabor Fodor, the new menu is just as extravagant and inventive as previous Artesian menus, with the goal of ‘challenging perceptions’. Is a spoon just for eating from? Is an iced drink always cold? Not here it ain’t.

The menu is consistent with the low ABV trend, with a host of carefully crafted non alcoholic cocktails such as Throw Some Dough, Awaiting Moses and Som Tum.

Here’s a taster of the 20 new insane drinks on the new Perception menu:

Le Penca de la Vida

Looks like a potted plant but in fact beholds a blend of tequila and aloe vera juice, with a subtle smoky finish


Perpetual Motion

The cocktail, made with Facundo Eximo, Martini Ambrato & Rubino,
artichoke is aged in shaking barrel, then served from an ever-moving glass. Spooky.

Mind Your Step

Bit like the scene of a Whetherspoon’s floor on a Friday night – this cocktail features a ‘smashed’ cocktail and glass fragments (don’t worry Health & Safety, it’s deceivingly safe to drink from) In fact, the glass shards are actually edible, made from orange blossom.

Other ingredients: Zacapa 23, aged pisco, soursop


Two Memories

Like something you’d find at the bottom of the Red Sea, this glow-in-the-dark cocktail is made up of Star of Bombay, sloes, yuzu, Champagne, sakura

Will this be the menu that catapults The Artesian back to World’s Best Bar status?

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