Marshmallow Tea + Fudge Pepper Cordial – The Gibson’s New Menu

Mushroom bitters, marshmallow tea, fudge pepper cordial and the return of that insane ‘buzz button’ all feature in The Gibson’s new cocktail menu.

Marian Beke and co. have upped their game once again with a new inventive cocktail menu. 48 drinks offering new twists on classics, using exotic ingredients and some very creative vessels – from fur boots to inflatable flamingos, this place is a playground for Instagram addicts.

On the new menu:


The Alchemyst’s Brew

The playful childhood theme seems to be cropping up on many London bar menus right now..

Copperhead Gin, 100% Cocoa Cold Driped Vermouth, Beermelade, Hops & Pumpkin Oil, Fresh Lemon & Clementine, Cubberdon & Citrus Ponzu Gelato


Above The Clouds

Like something from Alice In Wonderland…

Mount Gay Rum, Marshmallow Tea, Aronia Juice, Kea Plum Jam, Lime, White Aged Balsamic, Holy Mavi Syrup, Golden Preserve, Piment D’Espelette

Grand Orient Express

Smoke-dried Longan The Naked Grouse, Roasted Malt Barley Tea Carob Syrup, Fresh Galangal & Lemon, Custard Apple, Spicy Korean Bulgogi Marinade

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