Marilyn + Duran Duran Themed Cocktails – Beaufort Bar’s New Cocktail Menu

The Beaufort’s new menu is inspired by the hotel’s legendary guests, such as Marylin Monroe, Duran Duran and Fred Astaire.

Thought up by head bartender Kyle Wilkinson, the new retrospective themed menu features 20 cocktails, presented in a Victorian tunnel book – a pop-up style, illustrated folio. This strong focus on the physical cocktail menu, as well as the actual drinks, is becoming very much a thing right now.

Here’s some of the serves on the classic new list:

Under The Stars

Inspiration: Fred Astaire, who danced on The Savoy roof back in the 1920’s. In fitting with the era, this is an old fashioned-style serve with Bourbon and Rye, chestnut, Champagne syrup, sherry and bitters.

The Showgirl

Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe, who once had tea and held a press conference at The Savoy. A combination of Grey Goose, Martini Ambrato, Chambord, rose, rhubarb.

By Invitation Only (image featured)

Inspiration: Duran Duran, who once filmed a short 9 min video ‘Girl Panic!’ featuring a ‘bunch of old supermodels’ including Naomi Campbell.


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