Chilli Sherbet Cocktails – On Mr Lyan’s New Menu At Modern Pantry

Cocktails, with experimental ingredients like chilli sherbet and strawberry & cinnamon sorbet – it’s the work of Mr Lyan for The Modern Pantry’s cool new bar on Finsbury Square.


The legendary bartender Mr Lyan has knocked up this awesome cocktail menu, this time for The Modern Pantry’s new cocktail bar, Alpha Beta. The menu explores lesser known spirits, as well as using inventive ingredients, like ‘2016’s trendiest cocktail ingredient’ yuzu (like a round lemon, but more sour with humungous seeds).

Integrating ingredients found in The Modern Pantry’s beautiful fusion dishes, the cocktails are also meant to complement the food menu.

Two cocktails on the new cocktail list:

Firecracker Fizz

With whisky, lemon, and apricot and chilli sherbet fluffed with soda

Umeboshi Negroni

Mr Lyan Gin, salted plum vermouth, Zucca stirred with Campari


Read the full cocktail menu here

Find the new Mr Lyan cocktail menu at The Alpha Beta bar @The Modern Pantry: The Alphabeta Building, 14 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AH, UK


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